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San Diego Comic Con 2013


Another year, another July, already.... it seems like it's already 2014. Welp, better get ready and prepare your bodies, minds, and souls and leave your dignity at home, you wont need it, it's worthless, just bring a fat wallet and a healthy liver.

This is SatelliteSodas 6th time setting up at the glorious nerd-fest that is San Diego Comic Con, or as it should be called, Nerdi-Gras... This year we decided to get away from all the nekkid ladies and set-up somewhere HOPEFULLY more family friendly, depending on how our neighbors are around BOOTH #2047!

This year, as usual, we'll have a few new moar awesome'er things to show off and/or sell to the masses:


Pretty much the only NEW new thing we'll have this year, in terms of stuff. But lookie these cute lil' things, and Templeton our pseudo-mascot Corgi just makes them all the more radical!
1" diameter, we make these lil' bad-boyz ourselves, and they ARE labor-intensive...
$1 each, or 6 for $5


AS ALWAYS, we shall have a few new prints at the table from SatelliteSoda artists (and friend):

Dani Alexander, Fabian "Monk" Schlaga, Francisco "Pacman" Perez (the friend), Haiwei Hou, Ian MacDonald, Raul Osorio, Sukhbir Purewal, Tom Jilesen, and Zach Cross

They'll roughly measure 11"x17" and printed on card-stock.
$10 each, 3 for $25

And with them we'll have this years NEW GLORIOUS "Movie Poster" is done up by Ian MacDonald

$10 each, 3 for $25, same as above
Every purchase of one of these glorious prints also gets a free BOTTLE OPENER! See below! But first...


So, I kinda lied, this is another NEW new thing, kinda, but yay MINI ART!

We'll be offering a set of mini-prints that are black and white.
5"x7", card-stock
$15 for the set of 10
Every purchase of one of these sets gets a free....


Everyone drinks, and if you dont, your friends should, or just have it on your keychain just incase. Supporting your habit at all times, or at least at all times you have your keys on you, this fashion statement not only functions, but is extremely awesome as well...

Lastly, we'll also have new...


...for sale, AGAIN / finally available for the ladies AND MENS in this years NEW color scheme which is Apricot Grey logo on Black canvas, and we'll also have the HIGHLY IN DEMAND Black logo on Black canvas, and I think we have some Red on Black available still as well.

They come in S, M, L, and XL, Male and Female "Girly" Fits, 100% Cotton American Apparel
$20 each.
Every purchase comes with a free print and bottle-opener! DOUBLE-BAM!



Chairman Badfunk Figure (pictured right)
We'll be showing off our first prototype for a stylized resin figure of Chairman Badfunk.
Hopefully next year we'll have a limited edition run ready.
Prototype Not For Sale.

Chairman Badfunk Mighty Mugg (pictured left)
We'll have a one-of-a-kind custom item slaved over by yours truly, drawn up in graphite.

Unfortunately, again, no new SatelliteSoda books this year. We still have copies of Book 3 and the Anthology on hand for anyone that's missed out on them in the past.

We will be taking names with every purchase over $20 and be doing a lottery-type drawing on the last day (Sunday) at 2pm for one of our one-of-a-kind high-end prints that's printed on either clear acrylic, canvas, or even freaking brushed metal... So make sure to swing back by to hopefully score one of those bad-boys if you actually bought any of our stuff, or $20 worth of our stuff...

LAST-lastly, make sure to also hit up the Hyatt Hotel Bar after the show, every night, MOST OF US WILL BE THERE! Seriously, every night, more than likely... they have a freaking dance floor on the 40th floor that overlooks the bay and most of DT, CRAYYYYY...

ANYWAYS! See ALL you kids there!!!