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Together We Are Strong III

WHAADDUP SODA-HEADS!?! So SatelliteSoda has been invited back to participate in the third round of the "Together We Are Strong" gallery show in Simi Valley, California... STOKED!

Together We Are Strong III

Hosted at Skatelab, organized again by the lovely Ursula Harris, we'll be showcasing 6 brand-spanking-new pieces of art, 25 in total, all digitally printed on different mediums such as canvas, brushed aluminum, reflective vinyl, clear acrylic, wood, and various other mediums.

It's gonna be absolutely insane, HUGE thanks to Rafi and crew at "Beyond Image Graphics" in Burbank for blowing our minds and expectations once again with always bringing new and inspiring way of bringing digital art to reality.

Anyways, the show opens on Friday, August 31st at 7pm and again on Saturday the 1st at 7pm, hope you guys can make it out, the event's flipping free, free beer, and come Friday to see some live music by "Nerver"!

Parents, please be advised there will be some artistic nudity...

Here's the link to the FB event page



-The SatelliteSoda Family