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Monsterpalooza 2012

HELLLLLOOO SATELLITES!  Igo here with some more shameless SatelliteSoda promotional stuff...

It's another April in another year, so that can mean one of many things, but only ONE awesome thing... it's time for MONSTERPAHHHHHHHHHLOOOOOOOOOZAHHHHHHHH!!!

This is the 4th annual Monsterpalooza, second time SatelliteSoda will be set-up at the event. We'll be located in the back corner, table #18, check the map (below.)

This year have a few new above average and/or awesome things:

Chairman Badfunk Belt Buckle
SatelliteSoda's first sculpted product designed by yours truly and sculpted by the glorious Nathan Mansfield.
It measures about 4.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall, cast in pewter.
Limited edition of 50, comes in individually hand-numbered bags, $30 each.
Each purchase will also receive a free art print.

We'll also have a few new prints at the table from:
David Igo
David Murdoch
Fabian "Monk" Schlaga

and Francisco "Pacman23" Perez

Chairman Badfunk Mighty Mugg
A one-of-a-kind custom item slaved over by yours truly, done with graphite.

And we'll be showing off our first prototype for a stylized resin figure of Chairman Badfunk.

Unfortunately, I pushed hard to get the second volume of "Mutt" out on time, but it just wasnt meant to be. Last thing I wanted was to sacrifice quality for the sake of just, doing it, so Im holding it off until next year... But make sure to swing by and give me a high-five, ask for a free sketch, and ego-stroke me just a little bit...

Make sure to also hit up the Marriott bar after the show to catch me in rare form as well, if you're reading this and say that magical password Ill buy you a drink of my choosing.

PW - Snicker-Doodle

See yah kids there!!!