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Uploaded Sun Feb 01st, 2015 11:46 pm / Viewed 620 times

You bitches. Didn't think I'd make it day one, did ya?



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Mon Feb 02nd, 2015 12:29:52 am

Haha that's awesome! Love her face design!


Tue Feb 03rd, 2015 8:25:53 pm


i'm glad you're doing DDF this will be wild


Tue Feb 03rd, 2015 9:57:18 pm

Not that I mind, really, but why are the girls in your comic topless?  Where does this take place?  I want to go to there


Tue Feb 03rd, 2015 10:00:49 pm

Ohhhh Igo, you're really gonna like this comic then...since it's straight up a smut comic! My excuse to draw mechs (a new years resolution of mine because I can't staaaaand drawing machinery and I need to kick my butt at that) and also an excuse to draw sexy things because, well, WHY NOT??


Fri Feb 06th, 2015 6:52:34 am



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