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What are the rules?
The only rule that matters is "Post a piece of art every day". No posting old images! Only stuff you worked on that day.

But in order to post an image, you gotta create an account first...

How do I create an account?
Sign up here!

Now, you can upload pictures!

How do I upload a picture?
After you’ve logged in, click on the upload button at the top of the page, fill in the information, click "Submit".

Can I submit stuff that isn’t a "drawing" (e.g., music, 3D stuff, photography, whatever)?
Yes! Anything you consider "art" is cool! Keep in mind that SatelliteSoda is an image-based website (in order to create a post, a post needs an image) so you will need to upload some sort of image to accompany your post. If you’re submitting video or audio, you'll have to host those on another site (and then post a link to them in your description). We recommend YouTube or Vimeo for video, and SoundCloud for audio.

Can I work on a single image over multiple days?
YES! Just upload a work-in-progress shot each day to prove you’re not slackin' off.

If I miss a day, am I out?
NO! The only way out of February is to make it to March. If you miss a day, and you're still alive - get back on the horse! Hit as many days as you can!

Those among us who do manage to successfully post a piece of art each and every day, on time, for the duration of #DailyDraw, will get rewarded the glorious title of "Streaker". If you miss one day, any day, you don't get this glorious title of champions.

What's the "tally"?
The Tally is a giant list showing who posted an image on each day. The days on a user's tally are based on the time zone that that user selected (so Day 2 for a user in New Zealand is not the same time as Day 2 for a user in Mexico).

All days start / end at Midnight, according to the timezone the user selected. So if you post after Midnight on Day 2, that post will just count for Day 3.

To change your time zone at any time, go to your profile. (Yes, you can select any time zone you want, even if you don’t live in that part of the world.)

How do I change my Timezone?
Easiest way would be to change it in the forum profile settings. While you're there fill out any other info and it should show up on this part of the site. We're working on making that an easier and more streamlined experience before all is said and done, and be certain we'll let you know.


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