a brief history in time

2004, two friends got together, sick of other online forum communities, and decided to throw their own online house-party.

Two artists became 10 and they created a forum... then they created a mascot and a villain to thwart him. Then they kept making new characters and art to substantiate them. THEN they were like, “OH SHIT! We have a lot of awesome art of our own shit, LET’S MAKE A BOOK!” so they did that and quickly 1 book became 5 books… Now they are hosting online festivities, destroying conventions, making stickers, shirts, bottle openers and high-end digital prints of whatever they can to promote awareness of SatelliteSoda and its characters, even getting them tattooed on their leg in a hotel room during San Diego Comic Con…

SatelliteSoda’s original goal was to create a place for people to share art and give honest feedback, both critical and positive, to help each other grow in their craft. Now, it’s become more of an ongoing lifestyle well on its way to becoming a legitimate company to promote original content.

We were kids when this thing started, now we’re all working professionals in various fields, and while we’re all still growing in our individual crafts, our main site has been set to creating awareness for everything awesome and new and work on taking the SatelliteSoda characters and world to the next level of storytelling.

Have a look around, come by and see us at any promoted event and get a high-five or a hug. We are attracted to awesome people, we can smell our own kind.


David Igo

SatelliteSoda Founder

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